Dig Dug is the protagonist of the 1982 game, Dig Dug.

Taizo Hori Mr. Driller


Character biography

Digging for the first time

Dig Dug's first adventure was in the Namco video game, Dig Dug. His main objective was to reach the very bottom of the Earth to destroy all evil Pookas and Fygars, and claim peace to the land above. He was always interested in the ground anyways, and always wondered what lived beneath it.

Returning to action

Dig Dug comes back to the screen in Dig Dug 2. His objective is very much similar, however, he only stays above ground. He promises to defend the above world from ever being invaded again by the Pookas and Fygars.

Dig Dug Arrangement

In Dig Dug Arrangement, Dig Dug faces many new enemies. He faces huger versions of the Fygars and Pookas.

Dig Dug: Digging Strike

He returns to action.

Wreck-It Ralph

He made a brief cameo appearance in Game Central Station.

Mappy The Movie

In Mappy The Movie, Dig-Dug made his new appearance as the deuteragonist of the movie.


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Taizo Hori's cameo in "Wreck-It Ralph."

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